Friday 9:00 in Brunswick is Full.  

Tuesday 9:15 in Brunswick is Full

Fall Classes Begin Sept. 13th

Brunswick     Tues. 9:15 full  Friday 9:00 full 

                            Friday 10:00

Bath                 Wed.  10:15  Fridays 10:45

Wiscasset       Thurs.  9:15  

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Music Together® Classes in Bath & Brunswick

The Music Together® approach develops every child’s innate musicality by creating a rich musical experience in which infants, toddlers and preschoolers play singing and movement games with their parents to practice tones and rhythms.

Led by a trained teacher, this informal class can give each family a new gift of expression. A committed parent, who is willing to learn and have fun, can increase their young child’s musical aptitude while “doing” music together.

Join Sharon Pyne or Matt Loosigian in a Music Together® Class. Classes run from September through June and are held in Bath, Brunswick and Wiscasset. For a complete seasonal schedule see below. Visit the Registration page of this website for registration. For more information about Music Together®, visit Music Together® online.

You can download a printable registration form here, or use the links at right to sign up online.

 School-Year Music Lessons

Bath Dance Works
Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays

Penny whistle, guitar, & voice
By appointment, after school, & ongoing

Half -hour individual  $25
One hour individual  $40
One hour group $25

Please contact Sharon Pyne for more information.