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Music does not start its existence as signs on paper but as sounds in the head.

I believe learning music  by ear is undervalued in our culture.

 Children naturally  try to recreate the music they hear with their voices . As music teachers we should encourage them to continue learning  music this way as they grow.    


The Music Together® approach develops every child’s innate musicality by creating a rich musical experience in which infants, toddlers and preschoolers play singing and movement games with their parents to practice tones and rhythms.


Led by a trained teacher, this informal class can give each family a new gift of expression. A committed parent, who is willing to learn and have fun, can increase their young child’s musical aptitude while “doing” music together.

Join Sharon Pyne, Matt Loosigian or Vanessa Levant in a Music Together® Class. Classes run from September through June and are held in Bath, Brunswick and Wiscasset. For a complete seasonal schedule see below. Visit the Registration page of this website for registration. For more information about Music Together®, visit Music Together online.



Click here to download a printable Winter 2018 schedule/registration form.


Sound Clips

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Riding in the Car

“Ladybug”, “Obwisana” and “Ridin’ in the Car” Copyright © 1988-2000 Music Together LLC.  All rights reserved.  Sound clips used by permission of the copyright holder.




For additional information, please contact Sharon Pyne, or Matt Loosigian, or visit the official Music Together Web page.

Sharon Pyne 207-522-3900 or


Matt Loosigian 207-891-9593