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Youth Fiddle Jam Session 2018
Bath Dance Works 72 Front Street Downtown Bath
1st and 3rd Fridays,  5:00pm-6:00pm
call for tune list or just come!!! Not just for fiddles.

$10 / musician $20 /family

RSVP Call or Text Ahead  Sharon Pyne  207-522-3900

We will have pizza at 4:30 since we are meeting during the dinner hour. 
 Private and Group Lessons are offered on Friday afternoons for an extra fee,  if you would like to get a little coaching on the tunes.    
 The 2017 Youth Jam Session were a  great success with fiddles, guitars, a banjo and a ukulele. My hope is to give young musician (under 18) an opportunity to play with each other and learn by ear. The session is for all levels. The emphasis will be on fiddle tunes in keys of D, G, A,Em and Am. I am hoping we have some guitar players and whistle/flute players too. We will start with simple tunes and proceed to the more advanced.

We will start with the lists below. Please try to learn (memorize if possible) one or more of the tunes on the list for our first session. They can be found on the Maine fiddle camp website which I have listed below. If you do not have access to the website, let me know and I can send you the music and CD.

Please send me a list of tunes you know and I will consider adding them.

Please spread the word. Warmly, Sharon Pyne

Tunes for Jam Session
  Find sheet music and audio at  click “Tunes”    click “2010”
Tunes for November Jam Session
Camptown races
Britches full of stitches
Boil them cabbage down
Flop eared mule
Cock of the north
Oh Susanna
Oh Joe Clark,
Sky boat song

Extra Tunes for Winter 2018 Jam Sessions      from 2010 tune collection at
The Wren
Rakes of mallow
Steamboat quickstep
Road to Boston
Joys of Quebec
Marie’s wedding
Red wing
Lilting Banchee
Cold Frosty Morning.

New Drop -In  Preschool Playgroup 

 Mondays  10:30-11:30 Beginning January 8th 2018

 Bath Dance Works 72 Front Street 3rd floor

 $5 for parent and child $3 sibling fee

RSVP   Call or Text Vanessa 207-317-0802

The Bath Dance Works, managed  by Sharon Pyne has reserved some drop in playgroup times for preschoolers and parents.  Music Together teacher, Vanessa Levat, has volunteered to host the first one for a few Mondays.  There are other times available if anyone else would like to host (unlock and lock up, collect donations, clean up) 

Parents are responsible for keeping their own children and others safe. Please sign the waiver when you arrive.    We do have exposed heating pipe..please introduce your child to these if you come. Encourage your child to use the wonderful hardwood floor to slide, gallop, skip , dance, crabwalk  instead of run.  Older preschooler will  understand this better than toddlers.  Eventually parents may be able to run an errand while another parent watches their child.  No parent attending should be looking after more than one child besides their own.   

This is intended to be a social time for parents and children.  There will be no organized activities unless a parent wants to lead them. I suggest start out bare bones and seeing what your children come up with.  Try to leave your own toys at home.    We will have a designated snack eating place.  Please be aware that we do our own cleaning here so any way you can help will be appreciated.  If you bring food to share please ask other parents about allergies.  

We would love to know if you are coming since we are limiting the number to  6 families to start.  If you drop in and there is space, you are welcome. 

For more information email me or  Warmly, Sharon Pyne 207-522-900

Maine Fiddle Camp  2018

Not just for fiddles

An extraordinary place to begin or continue learning music!

In its 23rd year, is a summer camp in Montville Maine for all levels and ages to learn any instrument.


Sharon Pyne
116 Pleasant Cove Drive
Woolwich,Maine 04579