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 Music Lessons Have Expanded

Bath Dance Works  downtown Bath

 There are now four music teachers at Bath Dance Works.  

We offer lessons on stringed and woodwind instruments as well as voice, penny whistle, ukulele, harp and piano.

Call Sharon Pyne 522-3900 sharonpynemusic@gmail.com

  Music does not start its existence as signs on paper but as sounds in the head.

I believe learning music  by ear is undervalued in our culture.

 Children naturally  try to recreate the music they hear with their voices . As music teachers we should encourage them to continue learning  music this way as they grow.    

Music After Preschool 

I am often asked about music  lessons for children who are four or five.  My recommendation is to keep enriching your child’s life with  informal music play during their 5th and 6th year.    Enjoy music with your child whenever you can and make up songs to go with daily routines……..be creative and keep it simple and fun.  A good preschool music program allows children to experiment freely with rhythms and tones under the leadership of a trained teacher.  The teacher provides parent ed. so that moms and dads can continue doing educational music play at home with their children.

If you used to play an instrument …..get it out again and see what you remember….It is wonderful modeling for parents  to experiment and learn music while they have young children.

I begin formal lesson when children are 6 or 7.   Penny Whistle, Ukelele, Voice or Guitar are my favorite classes


Maine Fiddle Camp  2016

Not just for fiddles

An extraordinary place to begin or continue learning music!

In its 21st year, is a summer camp in Montville Maine for all levels and ages to learn any instrument.

visit www.mainefiddle.org

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